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About Us

Resilience and role models have become buzzwords lately, but what do they truly mean?

What do the words ‘role model’ mean to you? Is it someone who has achieved remarkable things? Someone you can relate to? Or someone who has come through positively in the face of adversity?

We believe that role models are paramount – in whatever shape, size and way that they appear. That’s why we want to show you people who have navigated their paths and achieved success in their own way and on their own terms.

Founded by Justin Onuekwusi and produced by Through The I, the Rolling Start podcast was created to showcase real life role models, particularly those who have shown resilience dealing with the challenges that life has thrown at them.

This isn’t just a space for guests to talk about their talents and achievements - our podcast invites listeners on a journey. Our guests open up and talk freely about the reality of the challenges that many of us face when navigating our lives, careers and relationships. Our guests share honestly and openly about the tests we face, as well as offering tips and advice on how you can use resilience to your benefit.

So, this podcast is for you. Regardless of your background, your journey or whatever you personally have faced, we hope you can find a role model or a story to relate to and be inspired by, as you take on your own challenges going forward. 

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Image by Soundtrap
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